Time to get back into shape with CKD!

Hi, everyone! it has been a while since my last post but I have had my reasons. I hope you are doing great and if not, I will do my best to change that. When it comes to my posts, I made myself a promise to post regularly now so you can expect new articles on a regular basis now, probably on Sundays where I have some time to sit, think and create something interesting and thought-provoking as always ūüôā This article is a beginning for something very significant for me. I am starting a new nutrition scheme and I hope you will help me stay on the right track by motivating me and keeping¬†your fingers crossed. What is the aim of that? I want to prove you that counting calories,¬† scheduling your meals and working out six days a week is not that important as taking care of your food. Yes, this is nutrition that makes you look and feel the way you do. So let me get it started now. Every¬†week I am going to give you all details about my progress, including measurements of my body composition, waist size, mood and general mental and physical condition. You will have a comparison of my results every week. What strategy do I start to follow? CKD/CarbNite solution is the answer. How does it work? This is a high-fat (or low-carb for those who are scared of fat hahaha) diet during which the amount of daily fat intake is about 80%. Since the next week, I will be giving you the details about macronutrients in my nutrition system. I will also update you with the nutrition plan from the whole week. Let me give you all crucial information about myself.

I have a desk job. 5 days a week from Monday to Friday. Once a month I work on Saturday too. I usually wake up at 7:30, do my job in the bathroom, eat breakfast and go to work where I start at 9 am.¬†Between 1 pm and 3 pm I usually have a lunch break, besides few days in a month when the workload is that big I cannot let myself for a break. I finish at 6 pm, sometimes even at 7 pm in busy days. After work, I go shopping and get back home where I eat something again and work on my duties. If I find some free time, I relax by playing something or going for a walk. At 10 pm I usually go to pick up my girlfriend from the bus station; on the days she is off, we just go for a long walk together to get some fresh air coming from the ocean. I go to bed usually at midnight, sometimes earlier; it really depends on how much to do I have. My off days look a bit different, however, I tend to wake up at the same time as usual. I eat breakfast and if my girlfriend works on a given day, I go to see her to the bus station. After that, I go shopping and come back home where I spend about 3-4 hours on my duties.¬†Later, I have time for myself when I just sit and do nothing. About 2 pm I eat dinner and spend get back to my studies again.¬†At approximately¬† 6 pm I¬† go for a walk or shopping. Then I get back home and take a nap or watch some movies. If my girlfriend works, I go to pick her up in the evening and if not, we go for a walk or just hang out and watch some movies etc. So… this is how my typical week looks like and it is not going to change a lot for now. After about 3 weeks of adaptation to the new nutrition schedule, I am going to add some physical activity. For now, I plan to do some aerobic exercises 3 times week and 3 typical strength working session weekly, but for now, no additional activity besides walking and doing shopping. My aim is to show you how huge role this nutrition scheme plays or people who are not physically active and do not work out regularly. You will know how I feel, what I think, what the progress is and how everything works. Below you can find all important information for the start.

24.09.2017 / 9:30 am

  • Age: 28
  • Height: 180c
  • Body Weight: 93,2kg
  • Body Fat: 19,4%
  • Body Water: 59%
  • Muscle Mass: 71,4kg
  • Bone Mass: 3,7kg
  • Visceral Fat: 6 lvl (1-10)
  • BMI: 28,8
  • Metabolic Age: 28 years old
  • Waist Size: 99cm

Keep your fingers crossed and stay tuned. Next update on 1st October!



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