“With so many fad-diets and mixed messages of what we should and should not be eating out there – I found it a refreshing and welcome change to meet someone like Bart Cendrowski. Bart is extremely knowledgeable and easy to talk to. He takes a genuine interest in not just what we eat but our lifestyle, likes/dislikes and what we would like to achieve. Following the initial consultation, he prepares a customized program that is tailored to each individual and their particular health / dietary needs. Bart is dedicated and always contactable via email or phone. He provides ongoing support, positivity, and commitment and I would highly recommend arranging a consultation.”

~ Sinead G. from Tralee

“I got to Heal By Meal thanks to my friends. I was angry with them because they forced me to do it. Now, I am really grateful! I met the right person who really cares to help me. Nobody was able to reach out to me before; Bart did it. His treats everyone individually and with professionalism.  I think he can manage any case, even such tough as me! He shares his knowledge in a very absorbable way and he does not leave you alone with your problems. He answers your questions, even silly ones, in an easy way. What was important for me was a good nutrition plan and recipes adjusted to me. You just have to try and want! After two months of cooperation, I can easily say I have more energy, wake up well-rested and do not feel heavy anymore. I really recommend Bart who is very helpful and motivating. “

~ Iwona K. from Tralee

“Bart came off as a qualified and helpful specialist for me. He analysed my case very profoundly, identified all problems and it seems he found the perfect solution for me to solve all the problems. He created the diet plan that I have introduced step by step. Additionally, he suggested the list of laboratory test to do after which he can interpret them and prepare a very detail-oriented nutrition plan, including necessary supplementation. In my opinion, Bart is a recommendable nutrition specialist.”

~ Dagmara J. from Killarney

“Bart is a qualified specialist who treats everyone individually. The way he explains the problems is very understandable. At first, I received all significant recommendations and suggestions that I have still followed. After few days, Bart sent me really detailed nutrition plan and, to be honest, it was enough to wait just a few days for the results! I have more energy, I sleep better and wake up really rested, and what is most important – my body can handle stress I have been always struggling with! Really effective supplementation with a diet helped me improve my lifestyle.”

~ Denis O. from Galway

“I visited many specialists in my life, but this time I met someone totally different. Even though I was only on one consultation, after which I received personal guidelines, I could count on online support afterwards. He always answers my questions. I am going to do the laboratory test and I will get back to Bart for interpretation and further recommendations, including nutrition plan. I recommend visiting him if you want to change your lifestyle and get back your health!”

~ Margaret S. from Tralee