• How long does the consultation take?

The general/initial consultation lasts no longer than 1,5 hour. Each of the follow-up consultations takes usually no longer than 45 minutes. Body composition analysis lasts about 10-15 minutes.

  • How to prepare for the consultation?

I always recommend preparing the set of questions you want to ask beforehand in order to save your time and to get all questions answered. Additionally, it would be great if you prepared general health problems history, including surgeries, viral and bacterial diseases and other significant disorders.  

  • How to prepare for the body composition analysis?

It would be perfect if you were well prepared for the examination. You had better:

  • have an empty bladder and be after defecation
  • be at least 2 hours after the last meal
  • limit the number of fluids consumed 1 hours before the analysis
  • not work out or get a massage before the examination
  • not being during your period or 3 days before/after (for women)


  • How long will I wait for my body composition analysis?

The basic information is received during the appointment. The document including all measurements with individual suggestions will be sent to you within 24 hours after the visit.

  • How long I have to wait for general recommendations after the consultation?

Going through the assessment and the precise analysis of your case take a while. You should receive the recommendations within 3 working days, counting from the day of consultation.

  • How long will I wait for the documentation?

I treat everyone individually; all documents are prepared from the basics and are tailored individually to you. The nutrition and supplementation plans are usually sent to you within 5-7 working after the consultation. The waiting time depends on the number of problems diagnosed. Laboratory test interpretation is a very detail-oriented process due to the fact it should be done really carefully. It takes usually 5 working days to receive the documentation.

  • In what form I will get the documents?

All documents are sent to you by e-mail in PDF files or by post in printed form.

  • Do I need to bring any test results on the consultation?

If you have done any tests done before, they can help diagnose the problem more precisely.

  • Will I need to do any additional tests after the consultation?

It is possible because some cases require additional tests to be done. It is necessary to diagnose the problem carefully and sometimes detail blood test or other significant examinations are needed.

  • Will I need to use any dietary supplements?

In my opinion, dietary supplements are usually inevitable nowadays. Their job is to improve many significant aspects of a healthy lifestyle. Type and dose of a given supplement is a very individual question. Before reaching for any dietary supplement, I would suggest turning to a specialist in this field i.e. qualified nutritionist or dietitian.

  • What does the online support look like?

Depending on the period mentioned in the package, I provide the online support to help you implement all changes and stay on the right track. This support includes mainly SMS or email exchange and Social Media conversation. I do not usually accept phone calls.

If you have any other questions, do not hesitate to get in touch with me by email or social media.


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