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I am a dietitian and nutrition specialist following a holistic approach to life, guaranteeing measurable and long-term effects by focusing on both the mental and physical aspects of nutrition. By helping people I have improved the quality of their life and health since 2010 with optimal nutrition, appropriate supplementation, and physical activity. I combine passion with commitment and my work is characterised by a personalised approach to each individual. Eat well, look good and feel great – these are the three pillars I have built my work ethic around and my motto is: “Let food be the medicine and medicine be the food”.
I am constantly improving my qualifications and skills by not only taking part in many courses and conferences but also by active participation in many discussions and interest groups related to healthy lifestyle issues. What is more, thanks to finishing many certified courses organised by recognisable and reputed schools and training centres, I am able to provide high-quality services, according to the newest and actual knowledge and studies. Diplomas and certificates I possess are recommended by:

  • International Fitness & Aerobic Academy,
  • Polish Ministry of National Education,
  • Polish Dietetics Institute.

I combine passion with commitment and my work is characterised by a personalised approach to each individual. Eat to live, not live to eat – this is the rule I promote. The specialisations I particularly focus my attention to are:

  • clinical dietetics – providing nutrition therapy to clients with a variety of health condition to improve their well-being and general health.
  • psychodietetics – the study linking medical knowledge about healthy eating habits of psychological knowledge. With this holistic approach to the problem of health behaviors can effectively help people change their lifestyle, which aims to improve the health and well-being.
  • sports dietetics – identifying the best eating and drinking strategies to meet an individual’s schedule and training/competition needs. Ultimately the aim of the sports dietitian is to maximize performance.



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