In general, it is a wide branch of knowledge concerned with the diet. It effects not only on our health but also on our lifestyle in general. This knowledge should be based on a scientific and spiritual understanding of nutrition. It is significant for our body to function in a proper way and stay healthy. That is why we must follow a good nutritious diet. Foods are made up of classes of nutrients. These are micronutrients (vitamins and minerals), macronutrients (protein, carbohydrates, fats), and water. You need to maintain the appropriate combination of these 6 items. Otherwise, it is usually very difficult to live a healthy lifestyle.


Supplements are for ordinary people, athletes, bodybuilders, and sportsmen. These products boost their physical and mental health, energy, strength, performance, recovery and much more. They are available in different forms ranging from vitamins and minerals through to protein and various other types.  Before anyone decides to take any form of supplement he or she should make sure that his or her diet and nutrition system is healthy, optimal and balanced. Those people who want to take additional nutrients in supplemental form had better always consult a dietitian or nutritionist who is able to assess your suitability for particular supplements.


In a nutshell, any kind of activity is a must for someone who wants to stay healthy and fit. Being physically active can help you increase Your chances of living longer and feel better, sleep well, recover faster, move around easier, have stronger bones, joints, and muscles, increase energy and concentration level, enjoy Yourself and much more! To sum up, being physically active is a guarantee of weight control, a successful fight against many diseases, better mood, and energy boost!


I base my work on a holistic approach to a healthy lifestyle. Everyone is different, so an individual attitude is a key. I learn from the best and draw inspiration from only top class information sources and individuals.



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I am a nutrition specialist following a holistic approach to life, guaranteeing measurable and long-term effects by focusing on both the mental and physical aspects of nutrition. By helping people I have improved the quality of their life and health since 2010 with optimal nutrition, appropriate supplementation, and physical activity. I combine passion with commitment and my work is characterised by a personalised approach to each individual. Eat well, look good and feel great – these are the three pillars I have built my work ethic around and my motto is: “Let food be thy medicine and medicine be the food”.
I am constantly improving my qualifications and skills by not only taking part in many courses and conferences but also by active participation in many discussions and interest groups related to healthy lifestyle issues. What is more, thanks to finishing many certified courses organised by recognisable and reputed schools and training centres, I am able to provide high-quality services, according to the newest and actual knowledge and studies. Diplomas and certificates I possess are recommended by International Fitness & Aerobic Academy, Polish Ministry of National Education, Polish Academy of Culture and Sport and testify the skills in the European Union, Great Britain and EFTA countries. These documents are the reflections of hard work and energy I have put on, however, there is the experience and practical knowledge that made me what I am today.
I combine passion with commitment and my work is characterised by a personalised approach to each individual. Eat well, look good and feel great – these are the three pillars I have built my work ethic around and my motto is: “Let food be thy medicine and medicine be the food”.



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If You have any questions concerning the services, feel free to contact me ASAP. I usually answer within 24 hours!


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  • How long does the consultation take?

The general/initial consultation lasts no longer than 1,5 hour. Each of the follow-up consultations takes usually no longer than 45 minutes. Body composition analysis lasts about 10-15 minutes.

  • How to prepare for the consultation?

I always recommend preparing the set of questions you want to ask beforehand in order to save your time and to get all questions answered. Additionally, it would be great if you prepared general health problems history, including surgeries, viral and bacterial diseases and other significant disorders.  

  • How to prepare for the body composition analysis?

It would be perfect if you were well prepared for the examination. You had better:

  • have an empty bladder and be after defecation
  • be at least 2 hours after the last meal
  • limit the number of fluids consumed 1 hours before the analysis
  • not work out or get a massage before the examination
  • not being during your period or 3 days before/after (for women)


  • How long will I wait for my body composition analysis?

The basic information is received during the appointment. The document including all measurements with individual suggestions will be sent to you within 24 hours after the visit.

  • How long I have to wait for general recommendations after the consultation?

Going through the assessment and the precise analysis of your case take a while. You should receive the recommendations within 3 working days, counting from the day of consultation.

  • How long will I wait for the documentation?

I treat everyone individually; all documents are prepared from the basics and are tailored individually to you. The nutrition and supplementation plans are usually sent to you within 5-7 working after the consultation. The waiting time depends on the number of problems diagnosed. Laboratory test interpretation is a very detail-oriented process due to the fact it should be done really carefully. It takes usually 5 working days to receive the documentation.

  • In what form I will get the documents?

All documents are sent to you by e-mail in PDF files or by post in printed form.

  • Do I need to bring any test results on the consultation?

If you have done any tests done before, they can help diagnose the problem more precisely.

  • Will I need to do any additional tests after the consultation?

It is possible because some cases require additional tests to be done. It is necessary to diagnose the problem carefully and sometimes detail blood test or other significant examinations are needed.

  • Will I need to use dietary supplements?

In my opinion, dietary supplements are usually inevitable nowadays. Their job is to improve many significant aspects of a healthy lifestyle. Type and dose of a given supplement is a very individual question. Before reaching for any dietary supplement, I would suggest turning to a specialist in this field i.e. qualified nutritionist or dietitian.

  • What does the online support look like?

Depending on the period mentioned in the package, I provide the online support to help you implement all changes and stay on the right track. This support includes mainly SMS or email exchange and Social Media conversation. I do not usually accept phone calls.

If you have any other questions, do not hesitate to get in touch with me, using the CONTACT FORM 


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“With so many fad-diets and mixed messages of what we should and should not be eating out there – I found it a refreshing and welcome change to meet someone like Bart Cendrowski. Bart is extremely knowledgeable and easy to talk to. He takes a genuine interest in not just what we eat but our lifestyle, likes/dislikes and what we would like to achieve. Following the initial consultation, he prepares a customized program that is tailored to each individual and their particular health / dietary needs. Bart is dedicated and always contactable via email or phone. He provides ongoing support, positivity, and commitment and I would highly recommend arranging a consultation.”

~ Sinead G. from Tralee

“I got to Heal By Meal thanks to my friends. I was angry with them because they forced me to do it. Now, I am really grateful! I met the right person who really cares to help me. Nobody was able to reach out to me before; Bart did it. His treats everyone individually and with professionalism.  I think he can manage any case, even such tough as me! He shares his knowledge in a very absorbable way and he does not leave you alone with your problems. He answers your questions, even silly ones, in an easy way. What was important for me was a good nutrition plan and recipes adjusted to me. You just have to try and want! After two months of cooperation, I can easily say I have more energy, wake up well-rested and do not feel heavy anymore. I really recommend Bart who is very helpful and motivating. “

~ Iwona K. from Tralee

“Bart came off as a qualified and helpful specialist for me. He analysed my case very profoundly, identified all problems and it seems he found the perfect solution for me to solve all the problems. He created the diet plan that I have introduced step by step. Additionally, he suggested the list of laboratory test to do after which he can interpret them and prepare a very detail-oriented nutrition plan, including necessary supplementation. In my opinion, Bart is a recommendable nutrition specialist.”

~ Dagmara J. from Killarney

“Bart is a qualified specialist who treats everyone individually. The way he explains the problems is very understandable. At first, I received all significant recommendations and suggestions that I have still followed. After few days, he sent me really detailed nutrition plan and, to be honest, it was enough to wait just a few days for the results! I have more energy, I sleep better and wake up really rested, and what is most important – my organism can handle stress I have been always struggling with! Really effective supplementation with a diet really helped me improve my lifestyle.”

~ Denis O. from Galway

“I visited many specialists in my life, but this time I met someone totally different. Even though I was only on one consultation, after which I received personal guidelines, I could count on online support afterwards. He always answers my questions. I am going to do the laboratory test and I will get back to Bart for interpretation and further recommendations, including nutrition plan. I recommend visiting him if you want to change your lifestyle and get back your health!”

~ Margaret S. from Tralee