After the 1st week – I am positively surprised!

It has been a week now since I started my CarbNite / CKD diet. I need to be honest – when I did it for the first time 2 years ago, I was skeptical of the whole idea. However, the results were outstanding, inasmuch I lost almost 4kg of my body weight, without any dramatic strength or mood decrease. Before I decided to switch to cyclic ketogenic diet at that time, I had not been prepared well, I just wanted to try. This time, I have prepared myself really well. I did the blood tests to make sure I can afford such a strict and really hard to follow nutrition scheme. After a week time, I have first updates. How do I feel? What changed? What about the measurements? All and more you can read below.

A week ago I decided to prove you how effective and beneficial low-carb and high-fat nutrition system might be. Of course, I always emphasize that this strategy is not for everyone – you need to be well prepared and led by someone, especially if you are not experienced or qualified.

When it comes to some technical information, my body went into ketosis after … 6 days! On the left picture, you can see the result of measuring the level of ketone bodies in urine from the morning. What does it mean to be in ketosis in a nutshell? It means that since then my body has started using ketone bodies instead of glucose, as the main source of fuel. Ketones, next to glucose, are the second fuel your brain can use. Let’s get down to business. I plan to stay on the adaptation phase until Wednesday 4th October when I will spend half a day on crazy carb-loading which is called the CarbNite in the whole system. Why do so? I will explain it on Wednesday.

After a week I can easily say that I cannot remember when I felt better! Almost no energy drops due to the fact that cut off carbohydrates which are always problematic for me because of the small insulin resistance which had resulted from my high-carb habits before. What about concentration and mood? Never better to be honest but still expecting improvement in this field. I easily focus on my duties, even though the workload I have had is quite huge. I do not get angry or nervous so quickly as I did still a month ago. What about the nutrition aspects? I eat 3 main meals and 2 or 3 smaller ones. All of them consist of proteins and fats of course. I am no hungry so often which I did before! The breakfast I eat is enough for another 4-5 hours to make me full which is a bit surprising for me because everybody knows I loved to eat :O Then, at 2 pm, I eat a solid dinner based on good quality meat and healthy fats of course. The third let’s say “main” meal takes place about 7-8pm and this is it. Of course, when I am hungry, I have some small appetizers at hand. And the most important part, so measurements (done on an empty stomach after defecation):

01.10.2017 / 9:00 am

  • Age: 28
  • Height: 180cm
  • Body Weight: 92kg (last week: 93,2kg)
  • Body Fat: 19,4% (last week: 19,3%)
  • Body Water: 58,2% (last week: 59%)
  • Muscle Mass: 71kg (last week: 71,4kg)
  • Bone Mass: 3,7kg
  • Visceral Fat: 6 lvl (1-10)
  • BMI: 28,4 (last week: 28,,8)
  • Metabolic Age: 28 years old
  • Waist Size: 97,5cm (last week: 99cm)

As you can see, it looks nice. However, 11 weeks ahead of me, so would you bet I reached my goals which are 85kg body weight and 16% body fat? Next update on 8th October!

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