• General human nutrition based on a holistic approach to a healthy lifestyle for everyone
  • Nutrition and lifestyle in pregnancy with natural and practical steps. The food you eat, the lifestyle you lead and the environment you live in, have a profound effect on the physical, mental and emotional well-being of you and your baby.
  • Nutrition for children – The specific nutritional choices you and your children make are crucial and essential to good health. Children have their own nutrient needs and meeting those is vital for a child to grow up big, strong and healthy.
  • Sports nutrition – Peak performance cannot be achieved without feeding the body for optimum health as well as optimum performance.
  • Nutrition for disease prevention – You can dramatically reduce the risk of many chronic diseases (long-term or ongoing illnesses) by changing the way you live. These chronic diseases share common conditions or/and risk factors that relate to your everyday choices and personal health habits.
  • Nutrition for seniors – Eating well is a crucial aspect at any age, but even more necessary for seniors because of the nutritional needs change. Adequate nutrition is necessary for health, quality of life and vitality. However, for a variety of reasons, many seniors are not eating as well as they should, which can lead to poor nutrition or malnutrition, easily being mistaken as a disease or illness.


price: 80€

During the initial/general consultation, you complete the personal assessment. Then, you get crucial problems identified and learn how to avoid major mistakes. Additionally, you receive your current diet and supplementation evaluation. Moreover, you get your questions answered. Then, you receive a personalised nutrition and lifestyle guidelines tailored to your needs and goals. The consultation is also a great opportunity to learn a lot about nutrition and a generally healthy lifestyle. At the end of the visit, you can do the body composition analysis which included in the price of the consultation.
It is recommended to make an appointment at least 3 days before the visit, in order to keep a food diary that should be taken into the consultation.


price: 65€

During any follow-up session, you are instructed how to follow the rules and stay on the right track. We make necessary changes and review the progress. You are educated more about all significant aspects of nutrition and a healthy lifestyle. During the meeting, we discuss all documents and files you have received after the first consultation.
The number of follow-up consultations required depends on your health issues. 


price: 50€

Online consultation looks similar to the personal one. We go through the personal assessment together. During the session, I identify your problems and give you basic guidelines on how to avoid major mistakes. You have your current diet and supplementation evaluated. Moreover, I can solve your doubts and answer your questions. After the consultation, you receive the documentation, including personalised nutrition and lifestyle guidelines tailored to your needs and goals.



price: from 50€ (consultation required)

I tailor every nutrition plan individually, from the basics. There is no way for me to work on schemes because it is a must to adjust all crucial aspects to each person. An optimal nutrition plan, based on your needs and goals,  is about looking betterfeeling great, having more energy, improving your health, and stabilising your mood. It includes:

  • Nutrition scheme with focus on both the health and physical activity aspects
  • Individual selection of food products based on your personal needs
  • The list of food products to limit or avoid to improve your nutrition habits and meet the goals set
  • Menu suggestions with up to 20 diversified recipes based on the individual day scheme
  • Additional recipes to support your nutrition scheme and improve general health on request

Full nutrition plan includes the crucial elements of dietary therapy: natural or synthetic probiotic therapyelimination of anti-nutritional factors, the improvement of methylation to supercharge your health, normalisation of vitamin and mineral levels, the improvement of gut health, optimization of stomach acid levels, the reduction of inflammatory states and more



price: from 40€ (consultation required)

The evaluation of the demand for supplementation and an optimal supplementation plan preparation, necessary for goals achievement and general health condition improvement. Dietary supplements may be necessary to improve many significant aspects of a healthy lifestyle. They can clearly help with:

  • Better sports performance
  • Brain power and concentration increase
  • Energy level boost
  • Fatigue and/or stress reduction
  • Adrenal cortex regeneration
  • Circulation and endurance improvement
  • Healing of many health disorders e.g. leaky gut syndrome
  • Nervous system support
  • Enhanced sleep quality and night-time regeneration
  • Metabolic and digestive system function boost
  • Reduction of inflammatory states
  • Natural joint repair
  • Testosterone Boost
  • Body recomposition support
  • Cholesterol level balance
  • Skin problems
  • Menopause symptoms and other women’s problems

and many others!

Specific blood tests might be required to set down an individual plan.

I have an access to top quality supplements on the market at very affordable prices. All details are provided on request during the consultation.


price: from 50€ (consultation required)

The analysis of laboratory tests (blood tests etc.) is a crucial to consider before building or changing the nutrition system and lifestyle for an individual. It is recommended to take laboratory tests at least once a year to diagnose potential problems and understand first signals of health abnormalities. A holistic approach to healthy lifestyle, based on Anthroposophical Medicine, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Natural Western Medicine, Clinical Science & Laboratory Medicine and hundreds of case study analyses, can help with:

  • Diagnosing micronutrient deficiency problems
  • Determining major organ abnormalities
  • Improvement of metabolic and digestive processes
  • Balancing and synchronising of the body’s internal clock
  • Evaluating and balancing hormone levels
  • Improving the nervous system and energy balance

Prevention is better than cure, so never disregard the problem!


price: 40€

Body composition analysis involves a series of tests to measure the ratio of different tissues that your body is currently made up of. These tests can be an eye-opening experience for everyone, especially for those aiming to cut down their body fat or just reduce weight. The analysis includes:

  • Body weight 
  • Body fat – % of fat in your body
  • Visceral fat mass – level of intra-abdominal adipose tissue accumulation
  • Total body water – % of water in your body
  • Muscle mass – includes the skeletal muscles, smooth muscles such as cardiac and digestive muscles and the water contained in these muscles
  • Bone mineral mass
  • Metabolic age – a number calculated by comparing your BMR to the BMR average of your chronological age group
  • BMR – Basal Metabolic Rate
  • 5 segmental fat and muscle readings

You receive all above-mentioned information printed out with the comparison of your results to the standard ones. Then, you receive a written interpretation and individual suggestions, included in the price.


  • Celiac disease DNA test – EUROArray HLA-DQ2/DQ8 gene test

price: 200€

DQ2 represents the second highest risk factor for coeliac disease, the highest risk is a close family member with the disease. Due to its link to coeliac disease, DQ2 has the highest association of any HLA serotype with autoimmune disease, close to 95% of all coeliacs have DQ2, of that 30% have 2 copies of DQ2. Of the DQ2 homozygotes who eat wheat, the lifelong risk is between 20 and 40% for coeliac disease.

  • Lactose intolerance DNA test – the analysis of LCT(-13910) gene polymorphisms & Fructose intolerance – the analysis of codons 149, 174 & 334 in ALDOB gene

price: 200€

The analysis of LCT gene polymorphisms identifies the polymorphisms of C/T(-13910) and G/A(-22018) in LCT gene located in a promoter region of LCT gene which codes lactase enzyme, responsible for lactose digestion in the small intestine. Genetic examination evaluates a genetic predisposition to the initial lactose intolerance.

The test checks the in-born fructose intolerance problem and the risk of carrier-state of the mutation conditioning this problem for people who do not suffer from the intolerance. It is a non-invasive examination that does not require any fructose loading. All typical hydrogen breath tests do not detect an in-born fructose intolerance, it only discovers the problems with fructose absorption.

  • Caffeine metabolism DNA test – the examination of CYP1A2 genotype

price: 200€

The test determines the activity of the enzyme CYP1A2 which is important for the metabolism of caffeine. The aforementioned enzyme doesn’t work adequately in some people. The test of CYP1A2 genotype shows how fast you metabolize caffeine, how much coffee is a safe dose for you daily and gives you a detailed look at how to improve the activity of the genotype

  • Folates metabolism DNA test – the analysis of MTHFR C677T & A1298C genes polymorphisms

price: 180€

The test detects an in-born folates metabolism problem predisposition. It gives the general information about the activity of MTHFR enzyme which is responsible for folates changes. The test helps adjust an optimal folic acid supplementation in harmony with the genotype and it shows the risk of potential pregnancy complications in the form of recurrent miscarriages or foetus defects. The test is also a great solution to check the risk of cardiovascular, psychic, and neurodegenerative.

  • Stress DNA test – the examination of COMT, 5-HTTLPR, BDNF, FKBP5 and OXTR genes

price: 280€

The test checks the in-born risk of health complications resulting from too intensive stress reactions. It is a perfect tool to look after your mental health because the test detects the risk of anxiety disorders, depression, and risky and impulsive behaviors in answer to stressful situations. The test helps adjust the proper nutrition and supplementation in order to limit the negative activity of genes.

  • Vitamin DNA test – the examination of 7 genetic markers for vitamin A, C, B6, B12, D and folic acid

price: 280€

This genetic test informs about the need for certain vitamins. The results show how your organism deals with the absorption and excretion of mentioned vitamins. It also indicates what is the risk related to the deficiency and the excess of vitamins and what measures can be undertaken to balance their level in organism. [:]