Maybe it’s time to reduce the carbohydrates intake?

I am not going to talk about nutrition in general. This article is about carbohydrates and, to be more precise, about the symptoms suggesting cutting the carbohydrates off. Nutrition system and diet are an individual question, but how do we know whether we need some change or not? Proteins and fats coming from meat, fish, eggs, other dairy, plants, nuts or seeds are necessary and what about the carbohydrates? Do we need them? Of course! Can we cut them off? Of course! There are many nutrition strategies you can follow and there are some symptoms suggesting that some changes might be beneficial. Let’s take a look at them in details.

  • Water retention

Carbohydrates are very specific; they make you retain water in the body. To make it simpler, 1g of ingested carbohydrates binds with almost 3g of water. After eating a certain amount of foods rich in carbohydrates, you feel like a water balloon. This might be the symptom of problems with mineral balance in your body as well.

  • Flatulence and bloating

If you have problems with gases and you feel like there was a ticking bomb in your stomach, maybe this is high time you cut the carbohydrates off a bit, especially those coming from not that healthy sources like juices, sodas or high-fibre foods.

  • Craving for sugar

The more sugar you consume, the more dopamine hormone your brain secretes. The more dopamine is secreted, the more your body is waiting for another reward. Sugar is an addiction. If you reach for something sweet, you usually want more. This is the next step to insulin resistance and Diabetes.

  • Constant hunger

When you eat an excessive amount of sugar and other carbohydrate sources, you probably cross the safe number of calories you need. To say more, when eating meals consisting of carbohydrates, your energy level goes up immediately afterward and goes down even faster. Familiar situation? Sugar is not as filling as other macronutrients like protein and good high-quality fats. Sugar is even worse than fibre when it comes to satiety. It should not be a surprise that you want more and more sugar while consuming it. I do not have to explain how it may end up.

  • Acne

If you have some problems with acne and if you are looking for a smooth and clean skin, I would recommend reducing the number of carbs intake throughout the day.

  • Dental caries

Sugar consumption favors decay development, undoubtedly. To say more, even higher sensitivity to warm and cold foods results from excessive sugar intake. If you want to keep away from the dentist office for a longer time, I would suggest thinking about your nutrition again. You will save both your money and health.

  • Tiredness

When eating sugars and high amount of carbohydrates, your glucose level goes up. Therefore, the majority of people feel more energy. However, at the same time, insulin is secreted and glucose level in bloodstream decreases again, sometimes dramatically. This is the reason why you may feel a sudden lack of energy even few minutes after eating sugar. Then, your body asks for another dose of “energy” in sugar form and we have a vicious circle …

  • Depressive states

Some people are more vulnerable to an increased risk of depression if they consume a higher dose of carbohydrates. Consistent changes of mood resulting from irregular and unrestricted glucose level alterations are similar to the mood swing. Lack of emotional stability is what we should avoid all the time.

  • Memory loss

If you happen to forget about many things all the time, it means your brain does not work well. The main fuel for your brain is glucose, however, if the glucose level is imbalanced, it seems to be quite logic your brain does not work properly. If your body has problems with glucose tolerance or if the sugar intake is too high, I think it is high time you changed the strategy of feeding your brain.

  • Muscle mass building problems

When eating a lot of carbohydrates, you probably forget about other macronutrients and the need of their balancing. Even though you give your body energy, you probably reduce the number of protein and fats in your diet. Therefore, building and regeneration processes are suppressed. Keep in mind that well-balanced nutrition system is the key to feel and look the way you probably dream of.

What do you think? A piece of advice to you – if at least 4 or 5 of problems mentioned above are familiar to you, think about your health and nutrition again … please.

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