First CarbNite – Time to reward my body!

Finally! After 10 days of the adaptation, which is the first phase of the whole nutrition system I am being on, there was the time for a serious carb loading. And by “serious”, you will see what I mean below. I do not explain you the structure and technical issues of this system yet. There will be the time for that. How did I feel after 9-hour carb loading? Terrible! Really, really bad. Just after eating pizza at 2.30pm I was waiting no more than an hour for the first protest of my body! 3 visits in the bathroom within 6 hours is way too much. However, I survived somehow. These are the rules, I’ll let myself have a real 6-hour feast once in 7 days since now until the final stage of the whole system. Yesterday, after eating the last “meal” at 11 pm I fell asleep immediately because of being tired and exhausted after such a crazy day. Today, when I woke up I did not even think about eating something yet I ate a solid typical protein-fat breakfast. Next carb loading is scheduled on October 14th. It is going to look a bit different but you will see it then. Take a look at how my carb loading day looked like:

  1. 8:15 am: 3 scrambled eggs with chorizo sausage fried in clarified butter
  2. 10:00 am: Bulletproof coffee
  3. 12:00 am: 150g spicy chicken breast
  4. 2.30 pm: Spicy pizza
  5. 4.30 pm: 150g Triple Chocolate Cookies
  6. 6:30 pm: 250g Cheesecake
  7. 9:00 pm: 100g of Rice with Coconut yogurt, almond-coconut butter, and berries
  8. 11.00 pm: Ben&Jerry’s Fudge Brownie 500ml

To sum up: +/- 5500 kcal (35% fat, 45% carbs and 20% protein) today! 

Time to get back on the right path. Today I started at 8 am with the breakfast consisting of 4 eggs baked with spinach and chorizo in clarified butter of course. That’s it for now, next update on Sunday after having measurements done! Take care 🙂

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