founder and owner of Heal By Meal©
LAB ONE official partner
dietician | nutrition therapist | health coach 

I have been helping people to improve the quality of their life and health since 2010 with optimal nutrition, effective supplementation, and physical activity.

I am a nutrition expert and health coach following a holistic approach to life, guaranteeing measurable effects by focusing on both the mental and physical aspects of nutrition. I am constantly improving my skills and qualifications by taking part in many courses and conferences related to healthy lifestyle issues. I provide high-quality advice reflecting the latest research in diet and nutrition. All diplomas and certificates I possess are endorsed, among others, by the:

  • International Fitness & Aerobic Academy,
  • Polish Ministry of National Education,
  • Polish Dietetics Institute.

The specializations I have particularly focused my attention on are clinical dietetics, psychodietetics, pregnancy nutrition and stress management.

I have a dietician title (code: 322001) obtained in 2017 in Poland.


Few facts about myself:

My favorite color is … white.

My favorite number is … 4.

My hobbies are … learning foreign languages.

I spend my free time … with my wonderful woman who inspires and motivates me all the time.

I am mainly interested in … a healthy lifestyle, cooking, and football.

My biggest dream is … visit as many places in the world as possible, of course with my better half.

My professional goal is … to be better and to know more than yesterday.

My life motto is … “The difference between who you are and who you want to be is what you do”.

I would like to live in … Canada.